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Bing Search Results - Deep Links Feature Overview

Deep links are the links below a top ranked result which expose more links to content inside a website. They appear just below the search result as blue links.

These deep links are assigned to websites which are seen by Bing to be “authoritative” on the topic which they target. The best way to influence whether you are chosen to have deep links displayed for your website is to create unique, compelling content that pleases searchers. Sites receiving this feature do an excellent job of delivering what visitors want, and keep visitors coming back time and again.

It also takes time to prove you are a valuable resource, so even a site with excellent content, if brand new, may not have deep links assigned. Deep links are a signal of trust being placed in the website by Bing. These deep links also adhere to the Bing path of helping users complete tasks faster by exposing the most popular deeper content for trusted sites.

Original Article: http://onlinehelp.microsoft.com/en-us/bing/hh204480.aspx